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View Children's Case Management

Children's Case Management

Caring for a loved one with a disability can be overwhelming. Where should I go for help? Which programs and services are best for my child? What should I be doing now to prepare for transition to adulthood? The answers to these questions are as different and unique as each individual child. Pine Tree Society’s Case Management team is here to help find your answers.

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View W.T Twarog Center

W.T Twarog Center

The programming at the W.T. Twarog Center in Auburn provides a stimulating environment with a focus on opportunities that promote independence and personal enjoyment for seniors who have disabilities. This is a great option for seniors as well as those who require a higher level of medical and personal support.

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View Communication Pathways

Communication Pathways

Boost your child’s speech and language skills when school let’s out this summer! Our summer speech therapy session runs July 8 - August 9. These one-on-one sessions are designed to be convenient and effective for your child’s specific needs.

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Our Impact

"Thank you so very much for your time and expertise offered so graciously in support of our student last Wednesday. It was great for the staff to hear a new voice. I have some of the knowledge but you brought such a gift of practical expertise. My goal was to empower those who work with him daily and excite them in regard to his communication possibilities…thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me in that goal."
- Debbie Patterson

Communication Pathways

Providing a full range of Speech/Language and Assistive Technology services for children and adults

Community Support

Developing skills for healthy, socially connected lives

Case Management

Providing support, resources and individualized solutions

Impact Stories

View Feeling good because she's hearing well.

Feeling good because she's hearing well.

“I’m not an organized person.  I always forget things but I rarely forget my hearing aids.  I feel like it’s a change for me.  It’s a great experience.  When I don’t have my hearing aids in it feels like I have a pillow over my ears.  Everything sounds fuzzy.  With them in, everything is sharp and easy to hear.”

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View It's good for us.

It's good for us.

“It’s good for her and it’s also good for us as parents. As parents we tend to want to do everything for her, and her time at camp has helped me to grow and give her room to be independent.”

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Discovering Abilities Together

  • Helping Arianna find her path

    Arianna and her mother share their journey and the impact Pine Tree Society's programs have had on their lives.

  • Pine Tree Society In Action

    Watch this three-minute video to get a glimpse into the impact Pine Tree Society is making in Maine.

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